The low-tone is for ferrous objects, the low-mid is for metals like nickel, small gold, the medium tone is for objects like brass and zinc, and the high-tone is for silver and copper coins. The Garrett GTI 2500 also provides some very useful search aids like the surface elimination and salt elimination. The Ground Trac system, always keeps the ground contents in check, thereby, making adjustments accordingly. Some of the key features E-Trac offers is its discrimination abilities. This relieves the user from fatigue and enables one to prospect for a longer period of time, although this setting does reduce effectiveness on the very smallest of targets.

When a beginner treasure hunter (and sometimes even an experienced one) opens a list of detector characteristics he gets lost in dozens of names and terms. In case of a hoard of gold coins – due to its large size it can also be detected by any cheap device. Lots of accessories for metal detection are produced by the company as well. Since Spectra V3i has a waterproof coil and you cat put it in the water.

If no, then you’re probably going to want to start with an entry-level machine. This buying guide will go into detail on the best metal detectors and explain what to look for when choosing.

The High trash density m,ode, is the most common mode, used in areas mainly with coins and relic content, and low trash density mode is used in clean areas like the beaches. Safari offers a trash density feature, allowing the user to optimize detecting in location with various concentrations of trash in soil. It has a fast recovery pinpoint and is lightweight, saving user’s time and reducing fatigue. Furthermore, the X-terra, 505 gives the user freedom to control the threshold adjustment, depending on the depth and size of the targets being detected. There are 5 tone ID’s and a good range of discrimination pattern (customized patterns), thereby, making it a fine discriminator for high conductive targets.

Minelab GPX Series

If you only plan to occasionally take a walk with it down the beach, then you don’t necessarily need the coolest metal detector out there. The detector has a 3-level iron discrimination system that allows it to detect the wanted artifacts and eliminate the unwanted. Searching for hidden treasure is far easier in today’s day and age than ever before with tools such as the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector. The metal detector will be the best for you and your family, why not just anyone can use it because of its flexibility but that also will find a treasure to your height.

The metal detector can easily attain ground balance when being used. This metal detector brings a professional feel to this whole metal search process. The metal detector is very efficient and lightweight making portability very easy. One can be able to retune the metal detector so as to narrow the detection field for that precise pinpoint.

I consider treasure hunting as insignificant, but interesting hobby to spend my weekend. And now it has become even better: the MD has improved search depth, backlight, threshold, wireless headphones. Bounty Hunter Land Ranger PRO – is an ideal choice for beginners in the field of treasure hunting. Warranty: If like me you are planning on putting your detector through its paces, in water, heavy winds and bitter cold (I can’t wait to move back home!) you should look for a model with a good warranty. Usually, you will spend more if you’re wanting a detector that can detect further down, so choose based on where you’re going to be using it if you want to save money.

When you think metal detectors, likely you conjure up images of airport security lines, TSA officers, and overly aggressive pat downs. It does have a sensitivity knob and a single sound alert. This is a unit for the junior treasure hunter in the family. Other features include an adjustable aluminum shaft, auto ground balance, a notch function, and microprocessor.

You can make treasure hunting a favorite family pastime that lets you create memories while searching out valuables that could be hidden right in your neighborhood. Family members of all ages can join in now that children’s metal detectors like the Pro Detector MD-1008A are on the market. Seemingly innocuous items like coins, necklaces, or weapons remain hidden until they are chanced upon by treasure hunters armed with metal detectors. As time marches on, the ground entombs forgotten relics left behind by the populations of yesteryear. If you want to have the freedom to use your detector in any kind of weather or terrain, you’ll want to get a model like the Whites MX Sport, which can be used in up to 10 inches of water and also gives a reliable reading in wet terrain like beaches and swamps.

There’s also an iron target analyzer to make identifying false targets easier, along with a „Follow the Paystreak“ display which shows the levels of magnetic minerals. Despite these drawbacks, the Fisher Gold Bug 2 is one of the best VLF gold detectors on the market. For that, you’ll probably want to buy a pulse induction detector – especially for areas with heavy mineralization (although the GB2 has 3 settings for mineralization). As with all the VLF detectors on this list, the Gold Bug 2 isn’t effective at searching for deeper targets.